How to adjust office chair seat tilt

Are you looking for how to adjust office chair seat tilt? You have come to the right place. Sitting incorrectly in an office chair without adjusting the seat tilt can be very discomforting. It is necessary that you adjust your office chair so that you can sit as comfortably as like. If you fail to do that, it could negatively affect your productivity. It could equally lead to some health issues.


Why you must adjust your office chair seat tilt


Some of the reasons are already pointed out above. The first is that it will make you sit comfortably in the office, and this can enhance your productivity. It is already said that it will make you healthy. Thirdly, if the seat is not well adjusted, it could cause damages.


Adjusting the office chair seat tilt

Adjusting your office chair seat tilt will not be difficult if you follow the guidelines provided below. The chair adjuster is located in a place where you can easily find it. It is located under the chair, or on one side of the chair. Depending on the type of office chair, some of them feature automated tension control.

Some office chair manufacturers can list tilt and tilt tension adjustment as performing different functions. This is not necessarily the case. Sometimes they can perform one function. You have to read the manufacturer’s instructions regarding this aspect.

Tilt is important because it makes it possible for office chair users to recline the chair to the best suitable position and then lock it in a position. You will see a big round knob, which you can turn until you get the type of adjustment you want.

The tilt tension knob is also very important because it reduces the amount of force applied to recline the chair to the desired position.

Tilt lock will ensure that the tilt is locked in a particular position. When it is locked, it will be secured permanently to the adjusted position until you change it.


How to adjust office chair seat tilt step by step


Step 1

Sit on the office chair and ensure that you have your feet on the floor. Your back must also be the office chair backrest. Maintain at least two inches space between the back of your knees, and the seat pan. The seat pan is part of that office chair.


Step two

Locate the adjustment, which as said before is located under the seat pan. Tilt the seat pan in front, and at the same time push the adjustment knob downwards and that tilt the knob. The aim of tilting is for your health and for your comfort. When you tilt it forwards, it makes for smooth flow of blood through the lower portion of your body, especially when you sit for hours performing intensive work.


Step three

Tilt the seat back, and push the adjustment knob down at the same time. Release the knob. Ensure that the chair is in a reclining position with your feet strongly on the ground. Push your back to the backrest with pressure until you are in a relaxed position. You can lock it at that point.

Adjusting the office chair backward tilt

This is also not difficult to do. If you want to be comfortable with your office chair, then you must enhance the endurance of the back. You can either turn the knob of that chair clockwise or anti-clockwise in order to reduce the pressure. The type of pressure you apply depends on your height. Short people do not need more pressure while tall users will require more pressure.



If you are looking for how to adjust the office chair, the guides provided above will be helpful.

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