Herman Miller Embody vs. Aeron. Which One Is Best?

Nowadays, many of us have to sit in front of a computer or laptop for prolonged periods of time per day for work.

Even if you don’t have to work, entertainment purposes might still lead you to spend a lot of time sitting on chairs in front of the screen.

This is why it’s crucial to our health to pick out a great chair for use, and two such suitable chairs happen to be the Herman Miller Embody and Herman Miller Classic Aeron chairs.

Today, we’ll make a Herman Miller Embody vs. Aeron comparison guide to help you pick among two.


​Herman Miller Embody

​Herman Miller Classic Aeron

​Herman Miller Embody vs. Aeron – Key Differences

Let us take a look at some of the important differences between the two chairs in order to decide which might be more suitable for your specific needs.


The Embody is an expensive chair, sold at around $3000. And the high price is due to its numerous adjustability and comfort features, making it very much worth your money. The Aeron is less expensive, yet it still qualifies as a chair in the high price range. It comes at about $1395, with great ergonomics to keep you satisfied.


What makes or breaks a chair is its design, and both of the products have quite unique ones. The Embody has a narrow back and wide seat. It contains a plastic mesh beneath which helps give a floating sensation during sitting and also helps to cool the body down.

The back provides a lot of support and can be adjusted greatly for different positions. Also, the armrests can be moved up, down, right and left, making it easy to use in various sitting positions. These can be a bit wobbly at times, however. The adjusting knobs and levers are positioned in very convenient places.

So, it is very easy to navigate. This is especially important since adjusting the chair, especially when different positions are used, is extremely important for this chair, and may even take a week or two to master.

Moreover, the Aeron is made of a graphite frame and contains a mechanism called “PostureFit”, which provides amazing lower back support. The seat is curved near the end, enabling good circulation for the legs. And the material it is made of provides a great cooling effect to the body, enabling a long period of use at a time.

Being greatly adjustable also helps while sitting in different postures. Due to the lack of cushions, the sit might be a bit uncomfortable to some, and the back might not be supportive enough for the upper back. The armrests might also be short for some.


Due to the various positions for adjusting, curved armrests, and cooling material of the seats, the Embody is very comfortable to use. The convenient positions of the adjustment knobs and levers also help in this aspect.

Also, the Aeron comes with cooling mechanisms due to the ‘pellicle’ it is made of, provides great lower back support due to the ‘PostureFit’ mechanism, and has decent adjustability, so it is a good match with the Embody in terms of comfort.


Herman Miller products usually come with a warranty of 12 years, and these chairs are no exception to that. This means the products easily last for that period of time, and if taken care of properly, will last much longer.

Herman Miller Embody


  • ​Highly adjustable for different sitting positions.
  • ​Cools the body, so can be used for long time periods.
  • ​Convenient to navigate the adjustment knobs and levers.
  • Great back support.
  • Gives floating sensation while sitting.


  • ​Highly expensive.
  • ​Armrests may wobble.
  • ​May take a week to two to get adjusted to.

​Herman Miller Classic Aeron


  • ​More affordable than the Embody.
  • ​Provides great lower back support.
  • ​Cooling mechanism helps for longer usage time.
  • ​Good adjustment for different positions.


  • ​May not provide adequate upper back support.
  • ​Armrests may be too short for some.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the debate between Herman Miller Embody vs. Aeron.

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Do the chairs come with headrests?

Which chair will be better if I have knee pain?

Final Words - Which One to Get?

Both the Embody and the Aeron are great choices for sitting in all day. They both also provide good back support and adjustability, not to mention that they fit in perfectly with the environment, whether it be home or work! So which one to pick?

If the price is not an issue for you, then get the Herman Miller Embody. And if you would like a good product for less than half the price, then the Aeron is the chair for you.

 Whichever one you decide upon, remember that a good chair is detrimental to your health and wellbeing, so take the time to pick one up, and do not neglect yourself!
Janet E Johnson

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